Self-regulatory organization

In world practice, the creation of industry self-regulation institute was motivated by the need to control the introduction of market participants, industry were too scattered and was in need of consolidation.

The foundation of self-regulatory organizations such as the monitoring tool were based on the following principles:

  • collective responsibility of market participants to the client - the entry into self-regulatory organization (SRO) involves checking the company to meet all the necessary requirements. In this regard, all participants SRO, after joining the organization shares its responsibility for the quality of work performed. 
  • creating a professional and expert community for the development of the industry - the vector and development strategies are dictated exclusively by members of SRO thus appropriate interests of all stakeholders are met and the industry will not be idle while waiting for an important decision on the part of the state.
  • confirmation of the reliability of the company - not any organization can become a member of the SRO. Availability membership is a guarantee of the reliability of the company and an additional advantage in the eyes of the customer.

Quick development of the Russian construction market in the 2000s, it became a strong argument for the creation of self-regulation Institute in construction.

On December 1, 2007 came into force the law of self-regulatory organizations: "Federal Law N 315-FZ" On self-regulatory organizations ", and since January 1, 2009 has been canceled building permit, which has come to replace the requirement for membership in the SRO of the organization, working in the field of construction, design and engineering activities.

A list of the types of work that can be performed after the company entered into SRO depends on the skill of its personnel, availability of quality management system of production.

The company "Promresurs" helps companies who need to adhere to become a member of a self-regulatory organization or who want to expand activities in the field of construction, design or engineering research:

  • training of builders, designers, engineers, surveyors;
  • implementation of the quality management system ISO 9001;
  • preparation of documents and legal support for the entry into or expansion of SRO permit to work.

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