Training center

Training Center "Promresurs" is private educational institution of excellence and training, formed on the basis of advanced development in the field of occupational safety, environmental, electrical, energy, and other various types of supervision.

Teachers training center are the experts in various fields of industrial safety, occupational safety, construction and design.
The quality of the material they teach and the way it helped for many companies successfully verified in the supervisory authorities and prove
their competitiveness in the market.

Safety, industrial safety, quality training and guarantee attestation in supervisory bodies - is the most important values ​​of our Center and Group of Companies in general.

The structure of the Training Centre "Promresurs" consist of several self-developing areas:

  • Center for Occupational Health and Safety Production;
  • Center for Energy and Industrial Safety;
  • Retraining centers;
  • Centre of Excellence and short-term training

Thus, our services do not represent a "hodgepodge" of different programs, but developed as a part of their directions, constantly refined and improved.

Special Attention from paid to training at the training center of program trades and professions. If necessary, the certification of your employees, we can develop a lack of programs and provide training and certification in the shortest possible time.

Many companies have already crossed in the age of high technology and GC "Promresurs" is no exception. Demand for distance learning using computer technology is growing exponentially and we adequately correspond to these requirements by providing appropriate services to our clients.