Expertise center

Expert advice will be useful in any situation, especially if your activity is regulated by the Federal Law N 99 on May 4, 2011 "On licensing of certain activities". In this case, the need for tolerance, permits, licenses and responsibility for their absence increases many times. This is especially true of companies working in the field of industrial and fire safety, operating hazardous production facilities, having access to information containing state secrets.

Expert Consultation GC "PromResur" will help to determine the list of the necessary documentation to eliminate barriers in the work of your organization, and if the need arises, we will take the responsibility:

  • In a short time to issue a license for such activities as:
    - Exploitation especially dangerous objects -Litsenziya RTN;
    - Fire Safety, Emergency Situations Ministry License;
    - License of Ministry of Transport;
    - Types, activities that require access to information containing state secrets, License FSB.
  • Prepare a full list of necessary permits for the project documentation, such as a declaration of industrial safety, emergency response plans, perform an examination of industrial safety and certification of devices for hazardous industrial facilities;
  • Lead your organization in compliance with SRO and easily gain admission to the construction, design and engineering work.