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About group of companies - PromResource

The effectiveness of modern production is inextricably linked to strict compliance with the rules of industrial safety and labor protection. Group of companies "Promresurs" hurry to lend a hand of cooperation heads of enterprises in their desire to fulfill the requirements of regulatory authorities and bring business to a new level.

Working with us gives you the opportunity to:

  • Ensure compliance of legal norms;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Increase profit facilities;
  • Make maximum security staff;
  • To earn the reputation of the company meets all the requirements of modern production and efficient construction.

A set of measures for labor protection from a group of companies "Promresurs" - is an unprecedented wide range of today modern knowledge, tools and methods for any field of industrial safety gained by our organization for many years of work. In our jurisdiction, any expert advisory services, as well as issues such as licensing and certification of industrial safety.

The doors of our training center always opened for your employees. Anf right now we can start to raising their qualification in construction, engineering surveys, environmental, energy efficiency, fire safety and Occupational safety and health.

Successful experience training for hazardous industrial facilities established our training center as a source of manpower for the trades and industrial safety in areas under the control of Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision.

Our certification authority offers cooperation in obtaining necessary permits and certificates to you, from the Declaration of Conformity TR CU and ending with the preparation of letters of exemption and specifications.

Signing the contract with entities or industrial construction sector, we will promptly provide testing for compliance with the industrial safety of dangerous objects of various profiles.

Cooperating with "Promresurs", our clients select for themselves a complete lack of bureaucracy. But we guarantee the highest quality results at maximum speed. At all stages of the work you will be accompanied by an individual manager, taking into account any nuances of cooperation, and promptly inform as execution stages of the contract.

And finally, a fair price for services in the field of industrial safety facilities, expertise, certification becomes a pleasant factor for any and all partners of the group of companies "Promresurs".