About us

Group of companies "Promresurs" - reliable fast-growing group of Russian companies. The vast geography, a lot of experience with projects of varying complexity in different sectors and an effective team of professionals - are the main components of our success.

The highest value for us is the relationship with customers. It is thanks to this philosophy we have been able to take and store the current position in the market, despite the global economic turmoil.

Solutions Group of Companies "Promresurs" are used in various industries will greatly simplify the various procedures through the transfer process to us. We, in turn, guarantee the timely performance of their obligations by providing you with information about each stage of the work. According to feedback from our customers peace of mind the basic feel of working with us.

In the course of working with us you will get additional opportunities for your business, which may not have guessed before. Our goal - not just a quality of service, but also provide advice on the most effective use of it.

We have room to grow and we want to grow with you! We are able to effectively solve complex problems by analyzing several options, and always tuned to a fruitful collaboration.