Certification center

Certification and confirmation of the quality of products and services is one of the priorities of GC "Promresurs."

To better provide a full range of certification services we shared practices into several blocks, namely:

  1. Certification of products and services in the conformity assessment system GOST and technical regulations of the Customs Union.
  2. Certification of internal business processes of organizations, whether industrial, administrative, logistical or human processes for compliance with ISO standards, IRIS, OHSAS.
  3. Testing in the laboratory to confirm compliance with the requirements by the regulatory authorities.

Areas of responsibility of these units are completely independent, allowing both in the short term to do more work. Horizontally in a hierarchical chain allows all units to be on the same stage of development, to maintain competition within the team, which is very fruitful influence on the results.

Most certificates designed in our laboratory, there are in the entire Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, and certificates of quality systems such as ISO and IRIS are valid worldwide.

The first step of cooperation with any organization is "Leap of Faith". We are happy to have picked up, and you'll do "jump" to the meeting, as did so many companies, both large and small, which in the early stages of the united faith in us as a reliable supplier, and we reciprocate in the quality of work and respect.